Good Golly Greens

There is always some new break through of an item, every one should be taking. How can a girl keep up 😦 . But this product has been creating buzz for some time. Keeping a steady nutrient regimen can be costly. So at times it best to ask yourself, “Where do I get more bang for my buck”. One thing my mommy told me to always keep if I could afford no other nutrient, (drum roll please) is Chlorella. It is one of the green super foods. An extremly high source of chlorophyll. In fact I will call it thee green super food. It is a completely food so you could survive and be healthy with chlorella alone.  Chlorella is excellent for detoxing the body of impurities. Excellent at purifying the blood. For all those cleaning up you life style and losing weight, you need chlorella. Fat holds toxins so all that sludge in your body from your excess fat is being stirred up. So chlorella is great for cleaning out those toxins. Chlorella is a great source of protein and amino acids, which are key for building muscle. We all know that muscle burns fat :). Also it is excellent for constipation, which is also a key for not just weight loss but overall health. Gotta take that garbage out. For my beauty buffs it is also an anti-aging nutrient it is great for cell rejuvenation, as well as hair growth. With high contents of vitamin B also known as the “beauty vitamins”, it is great for hair, skin and nails. There is also a high content of vitamin A,beta-carotene protecting you from free radicals which also slow down aging. But we are not done yet it has magnesium which is essential for your heart. It improved digestion, lowers blood pressure and sugar, gives great energy, balances the bodies PH level, strengthens blood vessels and bones and your immune system. If your not sold yet, I tried. But those are just the positive side effects I am aware of but, Im sure there are more. And I almost forgot it contains trace-minerals which are extremely important, yet easily forgotten part of a nutrient regimen. Chlorella is something every person should include in their diet. It definitely follow my blog’s motto, “Good health from the root of your hair to your toot!” Cheers!