Consequences of choice

Ok so I am in the process of getting the hang of this blogging business. So bare with the structure of my page. Two things that are near and dear to me are weight loss and natural hair care. Weight has been a struggle (that I will win cheers!) Since I was a girl I loved candy. It would have to be in my mouth at all times Not sure if it was an oral fixation of just pure greed. But also growing up my mom was a vegetarian. She also ate no sugar. So you can imagine outside of my constant junk food binge the type of diet I had. She also made me exercise every day, until I began playing sports. But as I have started my own family (and old habits die hard) I absolutely love to exercise, I love healthy food, and unfortunately I love junk food even more. So I am going to chronicle my journey to physical fitness. I am determined to lose weight. I want to be healthy. And I want to look great (I look great already but even better). Starting this blog will force me to start holding my self accountable. Hopefully my triumph will inspire others!

Now the other important topic, is natural hair care. Being a Black woman I have seen so many friends and family members do things to destroy their hair and scalp in hopes to achieve what they perceive as beautiful hair. The perms, glued on weaves, or extremely tight braids, only cause hair loss. Now I do want to cover natural hair care for other ethnic groups as I go along, but Black hair care is what I know best. So the more feed back I get and the more research I do I will be able to offer advice to all people. But I have seen countless black girls (not women) with extremely short brittle dry hair. Or even worse an receding hair line. Too many black woman from when a girl is one (and I have seen smaller)put HEAT on a child’s hair. Which destroy the child’s hair then wonder why the hair is in the condition it’s in. Well go figure. My mother has a motto, “if it’s not edible it won’t go in my body”.  Many chemicals we are unaware get in out blood steam, and causes all types of damage. So I am big believer in the natural hair movement. Much of the resistance is due to generational insecurities. When I say natural hair it doesn’t have necessarily be curly or locked. Just as long as how you have styled it won’t damage the hair and scalp.

Also another thing I observe is many White women and their tanning addiction. I have seen some people literally turn orange. And as they age you can tell women who have tanned alot,  because their skin looks spotted and leathery, (not a good look ladies). So hopefully I get feed back from some white ladies on how they were able to maybe achieve a tanned look with out causing any long term or short term damage to their skin. This is a subject that does no affect me personally. But something that needs to be addressed.

A thing I have learned about life that it is simply about choice. Where we look at all consequences. When we only look at the immediate. We are bound to make several mistakes. We will eat bad only thinking of the temporary pleasure of the food on our lips. We applied heat the third day in a row seeing the damage it’s causing to temporarily get that perfect curl. When we look at the long term instead of the immediate making good decisions about beauty and health, are not as hard as you may think.