You want to look beautiful for a change?

Soooo…You want to look beautiful right. Tired of looking in the mirror feeling bad about your weight, hair, skin etc. Right here right now it’s you time to change. I am convinced that beauty, health, and confidence all go hand in hand. They are important maybe not in that order, your health come first. But when your healthy it improves your beauty from head to toe. When you feel beautiful and healthy it will boost your confidence which helps every aspect of your life. This blog will focus on health and beauty. The health aspect of this blog will focus on your diet and and important things that you need to include in that exercise and healthy living habits. Beauty is extremely important! But at what cost?  Many things we do to ourselves to achieve beauty actually do more harm than good. I am convinced many of the diseases we see people with are a result of the things they have done to themselves to be beautiful. I want people to know that healthy beauty is the best.  And there is not a thing wrong with altering  your appearance. I do it! But as long is it does cause any harm to you. All harm is not immediate. Some things take years to accomplished and once they are done, repairing the damage can be a grueling and an emotional process. So why not get healthy and improve your beauty all in one stroke. Let’s look good naked! Not just with out clothes. But when you wake up in the morning  before you have put on any make up or curled your hair(minus the puffy eyes and face that not a good look for any one).  That’s is why my blog is named Roota to the Toota, “Good health from the root of your hair to your toot!